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No other piece of luggage simplifies travelling to this level. Whatever your travel purpose or means of transport, this suitcase will support you!

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Pull Up Suitcase in Hotel


Your home at any destination

Once systematically packed, every part in your suitcase is ready to hand in no time. Because the patented Pull Up technology transforms the suitcase in a few steps into your perfectly organized, mobile wardrobe and you have immediate access to all your contents. And it doesn't matter how big or small your hotel room is.

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The standard of travelling

We all have experienced how stressful it is packing. It is just like having to clean your home on a lazy day, you want it easy and chilled! Don’t worry is okay to be lazy, we all have those moments that is why we got you covered, not only with the brilliant Pull Up Suitcase also our convenient packing cubes to accompany you to the best travel experience.

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Max packt den Pull Up Suitcase



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Kody mit Pull Up Suitcase
Youri mit Pull Up Suitcase

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