Destination Abu Dhabi

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Tim David Müller-Zitzke

Destination Abu Dhabi

Who hasn’t experience it? It is soon time to travel and your suitcase is all packed. Suddenly it occurs to you; I forgot something! Sadly, you have to open your suitcase again to search for the forgotten item and caught somewhere between the door and in a rush, your suitcase gets all messy again after unpacking. Now you have difficulties closing it and on top of everything else, your back starts to hurt from the kneeling and digging for items. Perfect chaos in your suitcase!

Pull Up Suitcase in Hotel
Pull Up Suitcase im Flur

Even before my tour started, the Pull Up Suitcase made my life easier. Whenever I forgot an item, it was very easy to open and fit them in at any time while standing. The suitcase offered me enough space to store my belongings, from shoes to tiny items that one does not want to look in-between clothes to find. The Suitcase took account of my storage needs with its multiple packing cubes and compartments. 

I arrived at my destination country after 7 hours, the packing cubes proved its first strength! As I arrived the suitcase and clothes were intact. We effortlessly found our way to the taxi. Despite its comparative weight, it could be rolled extremely smoothly and with ease. In my previous travels I always had to look for a 1x1 meter large area to open my luggage in a hotel. However, arriving at my hotel room, I just had to roll the suitcase in a little corner of the room, unlock the zipper, pull the lid up and in seconds – my mini shelf, ready and standing on a fraction of the space it would otherwise take up. Looking the same as before my departure and the height provided a comfortable overview of my belongings.

It was much easier to keep order in my mobile wardrobe even after 7 days, everything was at it should be. At the end of the trip, all I needed to do was simply push my shelves together instead of having to crawl around the floor or bed while packing. This triumph can at least be felt by every person of average height. Perfect Order in the Chaos! Back home, I could think of only one criticism: The suitcase should be sold in furniture stores, because I use it in my apartment too.

Portrait Tim David

About Tim David

Tim David Müller-Zitzke is a 25-year old Film Producer & Photographer based in Bremerhaven, Germany. His film production covers independent documentaries, short films and promotional films. For his passion, he travels frequently throughout Europe and America. End of 2018, Tim brought his travel documentary  to cinemas, that he shot in Antarctica with two friends.