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The Packing

We all have experienced how stressful it is packing. It is just like having to clean your home on a lazy day, you want it easy and chilled! Don’t worry is okay to be lazy, we all have those moments that is why we got you covered, not only with the brilliant Pull Up Suitcase but also with the excellent packing cubes and 4 easy tips to accompany you to the best travel experience.

Max is packing the Pull Up Suitcase

The Packing List

I am sure you have heard this. It almost sounds like a broken record but yes! This is important just like writing down your yearly goals and achieving them. Besides, you wouldn’t want to forget your necessities, do you? I know just thinking about what to pack can be daunting, that is why we got you the basics! First, the smart Pull Up Suitcase, then a free packing list and you can be on your way. Not convinced? then keep reading and you might just be surprised how easy the Pull Up Suitcase makes packing fun.

The Packing Cubes

With the right packing cubes, you can be sure your packing is on the right track. The Pull Up Suitcase comes with 8 Ziplock sophisticated packing cubes in different sizes that meets all your storage needs. Socks, shirts, shoes, suits, toiletries, and accessories all have room in the right place. Yes! We have not forgotten a laundry bag. You wouldn’t want to mix the clean clothes with the dirty ones. That is included in the suitcase. The packing cubes also serve as an aid for you not to overpack and get disorganized. If this does not make packing easy and exciting, i don’t know what will.

For Big and Small

Big & Small Bag

The Big Bag has room for T-shirts, trousers and sweaters. Your underwear, socks or other small items fit perfectly into the Small Bag.

Big Bag
Small Bag
Shoe bag
Laundry Bag

Optimale separation

Shoe- & Laundry Bag

Separate your shoes and dirty clothes from your clean clothes.

For the perfect look

Dopp Kit & Garment Bag

Keep your cosmetics and care products in the dopp kit. Your suits, shirts or jackets fit perfectly into the garment bag.


Packing with our packing cubes could be a new experience for you, because they do one thing above all: fun and order in your suitcase. We show you in a video how to pack the Pull Up Suitcase and the packing cubes for a 7-10 day trip.

Don’t forget to leave a little extra space: You must be thinking, no way! Why not put some extra shoes just in case. Aha! But don’t forget the human in you. You are inevitably going to buy something, and you wouldn’t want to fall in love abroad and have no space for that special gift and if not, you would want to keep some goodies for your loved ones. The Pull Up Suitcase was designed for this. There is space for everything you need even your favorite pillow. However, the tip is, keep some space.